Inner Wheel District 6 Association of Inner Wheel Clubs in Great Britain and Ireland
Inner Wheel District 6Association of Inner Wheel Clubsin Great Britain and Ireland

The recent District 6 meeting was a very lively event with Christmas themed stalls to enjoy as well as covering District 6 business.

Minutes of the meeting will go out to Club Secretaries for disribution.

The Distict 6 Rally was a very well attended event, despite it being stormy weather outside. Everyone enjoyed the talks by the Association President and the speaker from the Chairman's charity, Hearing Dogs for the Deaf, and her dog Primrose was a real star!

New Presidents recently enjoyed a tasty Afternoon Tea with D6 Chairman Jill, creating an opportunity to share experiences and issues.

District 6 Officers attended the National Assembly in Leicester to discuss their roles with others and learn about the latest IW issues. This information was then shared with Club Officers over tea and cake at The Lakes, Barston, recently.

Pictured is Past District Chairman Pamela handing over the chain of office to new Chairman Jill.

The handover took place at the recent District 6 meeting and AGM where the new Excutive team were elected.

The Service of Commemoration for the 1100th Anniversary of the Death of Aethelflaed, Lady of the Mercians, took place at St. Editha's Church Tamworth in the Presence of Prince Edward The Earl of Essex. Pictured is Pauline Smart, Membership Officer District 6, Margaret Barnes, President Tamworth Anker Inner Wheel,        Pamela Griffiths, Chairman District 6 and      Shamin Govani, Chairman International Services Committee. Not sure who the man is they just happened to find him!

We awoke to a damp, dull and chilly morning but happily it improved, the plans seemed to run smoothly and much laughter was heard coming from the green.  As usual members were partnered up and this year 18 playing members were divided into two sections – red or blue. Reds played against all pairs in the reds and blues likewise with the blues.  After several rounds the winning pair from each section played four “ends” in the grand final.  By this time non playing members had joined us, cheering on both couples.  Pamela Eaves and Janet Vaughan were worthy winners with Lois Simmons and Maureen Buxton close runners up.

We were joined for a ploughman’s lunch by Beryl, and both she and Jenny were thanked for all their hard work in making such a happy and enjoyable day for us.  Each year we are joined by one or two “novice” players; they usually return the following year and if you have never played before but fancy a go, don’t forget to put your name down for next year.

Members from District 6 enjoyed attending the national Conference in Bournemouth recently. There was an opportunity to hear about the work of many charities, indulge in some retail therapy (IW items of course!), attend the Annual General Meeting and enjoye the entertainment and catching up with other IW members.

Just some of the items for sale at the March District Meeting! Funds raised go towards the Batwa Bee project.

Did you know...... it only takes 10 to 12 women to form a Club - and then YOU could help change the World! Go to the Membership Page for more information.

Don't forget to check the What's New page for the latest updates!

District Chairman Jill has selected Hearing Dogs for the Deaf as her Charity for the year.

The District 6 International Charity is the Chinthowa Trust.

The National President, Ann Acaster, has chosen Jessie's Fund (Music helping Children) for her charity.

The International President, Christine Kirby, has chosen 'Empower and Evolve' as her theme.

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