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Coventry News and Events

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PANCAKE CHALLENGE 28th February 2017


YES, as usual we accepted the Inner Wheel of Rugby’s challenge this year. It was their turn to host it.  We no longer run while tossing the pancakes but stand in two teams and pass the pan from one team member to another - each tossing it once.  The fastest team wins. This year Rugby won the Frying Pan, which means both Clubs have now won it 10 times. The Frying Pan is painted with the name of the winner each year.


To complete the morning we also took part in a Pancake Day quiz and enjoyed tea, coffee and home made cakes!

This year Coventry Inner Wheel  took part in the Rotary Christmas Tree Festival  held at Holy Trinity Church in Coventry.  The Festival raised £300 for the Lord Mayor's Fund.  Decorated in blue and gold the tree gave us an opportunity to promote Inner Wheel.

Pictured below at our 80th Fellowship are Ken Holmes President of Coventry Rotary, Maureen Buxton District 6 Chairman, Jill Joyce President of Coventry, Mary Maginniss Lady Mayoress and member of the Coventry Club and Lord Mayor of Coventry Michael Hammon.

At our September meeting Jill Kashi  a National Trust Guide entertained us 'One Thousand years in 30 minutes' a history of Baddesley Clinton. Early next year we hope to visit this house for afternoon tea  and look at it in a new light!

In October Simon Thompson gave us a fascinating insight into his work as a Hedgehog Officer for Warwickshire Wildlife Trust.  When he presents to schools he wears a hedgehog outfit but on this occasion he stuck to more comfortable clothing! We were surprised to learn that hedgehogs roam across wide areas and are not confined to one garden. Simon pointed out that:

“Something as basic as linking up a series of small isolated green patches with a hole no bigger than the size of a CD is a remarkably powerful and positive action for hedgehog conservation.  Making these connections between our own fenced-in islands of green spaces creates a continuous habitat corridor through which hedgehogs can forage, seek shelter and even rendezvous with potential mates.”

If you find a hedgehog in your garden - don't feed it break and milk - this is very bad for them - cat food is best.


Did you know............ it only takes 10 to 12 women to form a Club - and then YOU could help change the World! Go to the Membership Page for more information.

Don't forget to check the What's New page for the latest updates!

District Chairman Pamela has selected Burnaid and Dogs for Good as her Charities for the year.

The District 6 International Charity is Bees Abroad.

The National President, Liz Thomas, has chosen Children's Hospices for her charity.

The International President, Dr Kapila,
has chosen 'Leave a Lasting Legacy' as her theme.

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