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Tamworth Anker

The Inner Wheel Club of Tamworth Anker has has 26 members.

OFFICERS 2017/2018:

President:  Margaret Barnes

Secretary: June Semple

Treasurer: Hilda Jackson

Club Correspondent: Judy Woodall

International Service: Diane Baines

Health & Safety:  Judy Woodhall


MEETING DATE:  Fourth Tuesday of each month except August and December.

TIME:  7.15pm for dinner at 7.30pm

PLACE:  Drayton Park Golf Club, Centenary Drive, Drayton Manor Park B78 3TN


Tamworth is situated in the South East of the County of Staffordshire; fourteen miles north of Birmingham.  Two rivers merge in the town, the Tame from which it gets its name and the Anker; hence the name of the Inner Wheel Club of Tamworth Anker.

Tamworth has a fascinating history beginning as a Saxon settlement.  It was made into an important place by King Offa of Mercia who reigned from 755 to 796.  Tamworth was the capital of Mercia but was burned by the Danes in 874 then rebuilt by Ethelfleada, known as the Lady of the Mercians, the eldest daughter of King Alfred the Great, in 913.  In the middle ages, circa 1070 the Normans built a Motte and Bailey Castle which has stood guard over the town ever since.

St Editha’s Church in the centre of Tamworthhas been a focus of Christian worship right back to Saxon Times.  The current church dating back to 1345 has a double helix staircase in the West Tower: two flights of stairs wind one above the other round a central post, one of only two of its type in the country.

Amongst the important historical figures associated with the history of Tamworth are Thomas Guy who founded the Tamworth Alms Houses and later Guy’s Hospital: also Sir Robert Peel who was the MP for the town and who, in 1834 wrote the Tamworth Manifesto, first for local people but then printed in the National Press.  The Manifesto is seen today as a cornerstone of the Conservative Party.

The Inner Wheel Club of Tamworth Anker was Chartered in October 1987.  Members socialise and enjoy each other’s company over a meal followed by a speaker and information about forthcoming activities.  The Club shares many social and fundraising events with the Tamworth Anker Rotary Club with whom we have a good relationship.

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District Chairman Jill has selected Hearing Dogs for the Deaf as her Charity for the year.

The District 6 International Charity is the Chinthowa Trust.

The National President, Ann Acaster, has chosen Jessie's Fund (Music helping Children) for her charity.

The International President, Christine Kirby, has chosen 'Empower and Evolve' as her theme.

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