Inner Wheel District 6 Association of Inner Wheel Clubs in Great Britain and Ireland An Active Organisation for Active Women!
Inner Wheel District 6Association of Inner Wheel Clubs in Great Britain and IrelandAn Active Organisation for Active Women!

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Almost a Stampede to the MAD

(Membership and Development)

Elephants Tea Party!

22 ladies representing 9 Clubs came to the MAD Elephants Tea party at Wren Hall on 12th August, World Elephant Day. The event was in lieu of the Membership and Development Session of District Assembly and all Club members were invited. 

We’re very pleased to say that 10 Clubs now have a Membership and Development Officer, which is twice as many as at the start of the last Inner Wheel Year, so the new MAD system is definitely catching on!

All Clubs present were given a pack of useful documents, packs will also be forwarded to clubs who weren’t represented.  The clubs also contained promotional post cards and an elephant themed note book and pen to record all the Clubs’ excellent MAD ideas!

The event was interactive with Club members joining in with very useful comments, ideas and queries, notes of the meeting will be going out to all clubs as soon as possible.  Talk on new ideas were given by Sheena Smith, Stratford Upon Avon Club and Chris Pile, Edgbaston Convention Club. 

We all went home with much food for thought and  hopefully a positive outlook on the future of District 6. An elephant sized thank you to everyone who came and made the day and success and especially to those who helped with the setting up, catering and who bought along all the scrumptious cakes!

We look forward to seeing you all the November DCM.

MAD Sand and the MAD Committee


Members at the MAD Elephants Tea Party

Hello, I’m Sandra Wood, District 6 Membership and Development Officer.  Which basically means that I help and support the 17 Clubs in our District to attract new members and keep existing ones. 

Not an easy task at present when we can’t physically all meet together in our clubs and district.  However, Inner Wheel members are always inventive and innovative, so we are finding various means of overcoming the current obstacles.  We’re meeting on Zoom, Facebook etc, in smaller groups in gardens or in small groups for activities such as picnics and walks, where there’s a will……….

We’re also still fundraising and supporting charities at home and abroad as you can see from our charities pages on the website.

We appreciate that many people are experiencing loneliness due to the current circumstances and or may be missing their usual activities which can’t be pursued.  If this is you contact us, we can still guarantee fun and friendship, we might be just what you need!


Welcome to this section which is intended to be helpful to both visitors and members alike.

The work we accomplish and the close friendship we gain is so important that we must make every effort to share our enthusiasm and safeguard our future.

In order to understand Inner Wheel today it is important to give a brief history.  Many people will have heard about Rotary which has recently celebrated its centenary.  During WW1 the Rotarian wives helped their husbands in raising charitable funds to alleviate the suffering of those around them.  The ladies started doing similar things and set up a ladies club to run along Rotary lines.  Unknown to each other this was happening all over our country.  They enjoyed getting together, meeting, having social events and speakers. 

The Manchester ladies formed a Club – The Inner Wheel Club of Manchester, (UK) under the leadership of Mrs Golding in January 1924.  By May of that year other neighbouring Clubs had been approached and District 5 was formed following the lines of Rotary.  Other Clubs and Districts were formed and by May of 1934, at the Rotary Conference, the ladies held their own meeting and The Association of Inner Wheel Clubs in Great Britain and Ireland was formed. Clubs started springing up abroad and in 1967, embracing the object of International Understanding, International Inner Wheel was born.

You can see from the history that only Rotarian wives were involved for a long time – which is probably why very few people were informed about the amazing work carried out.  Maybe we were a little too modest.  Our rules have changed and membership is open to all women.  We now need to “advertise” ourselves and let the wider community know just who we are and what we do.

Our members meet regularly, usually 11 times a year - work together, make new friendships, spend leisure time, offer voluntary service and organise cultural activities.  We enjoy working together to help charities, locally, nationally and internationally.

 We are proud to have a positive impact on the lives of millions of people.  National and District charities are chosen every year, these are listed on the website.  Each club is entirely free to choose its own charity and community involvement and to what extent it is carried out.

We have a Constitution which gives established levels of administration – i.e. a club belongs to a District. There are 29 Districts in our Country forming our Association and we have representation at International level. This gives a direct link between Clubs, Districts, etc.  We have an opportunity to change the Constitution both internationally and nationally; internationally at Convention every 3 years and nationally at Conference every year.  Clubs can put forward proposals to change the constitution which gives every member a voice

We are not sectarian nor party political  

We are devoted to helping others and offering friendship, service and support – so our Mission is to promote action, service and good practice, intended to improve the lives of men, women and children around the world – in this country we are all inclusive and so we believe in helping men, women and children.

We have representation at the United Nations. We have 6 members who sit on NGO committees.

Our members make firm and lasting friendships with like-minded women.  There is no other group like it – we do make friends for life.

Why choose an all women organisation? What about gender laws in some countries? In our country we rely on an exception in the Equality Act relating to single characteristic associations.  It’s good to have a female pal.  We all need to get small rather unimportant things off our chest and have a good laugh, and when a big blow strikes and a member, say, becomes bereaved, very often the first outing she takes is to an IW meeting, where she knows she will have no pressure,  because there is someone there who knows exactly how she feels.  We have to remember and accept that in some communities women are not allowed out into mixed company – Inner Wheel meetings should be a safe environment for those ladies.

We work on exciting and fun projects that leave us with a sense of satisfaction – we are involved in a huge range of initiatives that are truly life changing.

We can say that our values are Friendship, Service, Culture, International Understanding, Human Rights, Status of Women, Protection of Children, Education, Integrity and Environment.

Inner Wheel is continuously evolving – it unites IW members in service, because we do change lives, restore hopes and build futures. This may help explain the three objectives of Inner Wheel.

To Promote True Friendship

To Encourage the Ideals of Personal Service

To Foster International Understanding

There are lots of publications available through the link websites. You may find the following documents helpful:

Adobe Acrobat document [582.8 KB]
Adobe Acrobat document [88.3 KB]
Adobe Acrobat document [1.2 MB]


The International President, Ebe Martines,  has chosen 'Pink First" as her theme for 2021-22

The 3-year Social Project's theme is "Strong Women, Stronger World"  and in this connection  Association will be supporting the mental health charity MIND.

District Chairman Sylvia has selected Rugby Womens Refuge as her charity

The District 6 International Charity is Project Gambia - find out more on our International page.

The National President, Betty Roberts, has chosen The Stroke Association for her charity.

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