Inner Wheel District 6 Association of Inner Wheel Clubs in Great Britain and Ireland
Inner Wheel District 6Association of Inner Wheel Clubsin Great Britain and Ireland


Check back here regularly to find out what's going on in Inner Wheel District 6.

Please note the District Meeting is coming up soon on March 15th, early this year because of Conference and Convention. Arbury, Edgbaston Convention, Atherstone and Stratford upon Avon have recent updates and you can find the latest Coventry Newsletter.

District 6 Meeting dates are in the diary for the next Inner Wheel year. See updates from Atherstone and Stratford.

Interested in becoming a District 6 Officer? See job profiles on the website to find out more.....

See the Rally and District Meeting updates under District 6 News, and the new All About 6 District Magazine can now be downloaded. News items from Arbury, Atherstone, Wylde Green, Edgebaston Convention and Stratford upon Avon.

The website has been updated to reflect the start of the 2017/18 year - see information about the new Executive team and the diary dates for the year ahead.

Kenilworth Club did a splendid job of entertaining District 6 delegates to the Association Conference in Nottingham recently. The Conference was attended by over 2,000 women and featured an informative and entertaining programme of speakers and performances. A full write-up will go into our next District 6 Magazine.

Looking to attract new members? A leaflet has been produced by District setting out information about Inner Wheel and the District. All Clubs should have received some copies to use when talking to potential new members.

These were put to good use by Redditch Inner Wheel Club recently at their Open Meeting for new members, which attracted 7 non Inner Wheel members.

Did you know...... it only takes 10 to 12 women to form a Club - and then YOU could help change the World! Go to the Membership Page for more information.

Don't forget to check the What's New page for the latest updates!

District Chairman Pamela has selected Burnaid and Dogs for Good as her Charities for the year.

The District 6 International Charity is Bees Abroad.

The National President, Liz Thomas, has chosen Children's Hospices for her charity.

The International President, Dr Kapila,
has chosen 'Leave a Lasting Legacy' as her theme.

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